SOLD - 1982 VW Westfalia powered by Subaru

If you are interested in converting your aircooled Vanagon to Subaru, see the build articles here:

Up for sale is a 1982 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia with a Subaru 2.2 Liter motor. This Westy was destined to a life in the slow lane with an air cooled motor, but has been rejuvenated with a low mileage Subaru EJ22.  Motor: 121,000 miles; Chassis: 120,000 miles. At $9,000 this Westfalia won't last long!

For a better idea of build quality, take a look at some of our SubaruVanagon tech articles found here: SubaruVanagon. We take pride in showing and producing a good conversion. This aircooled conversion follows this trend and is a clean, factory appearing conversion.

The exterior:

The body is in great shape with only one hard-to-notice dent at the drivers rear quarter panel. This Westy has had a good life of sitting and it shows - at only 120,000 miles!. The paint shines like new except for a portion on the slider and passenger rear quarter panel. The chrome is in good shine and really makes this van pop. Take a look at the pictures - they have a little more detail.

The interior: 

The interior is in good shape and includes all of the original curtains, and great carpeting and upholstery. The interior paneling is not the greatest but is complete, just needs some love and care to put up some new wallpaper material (or something like it). The driver and passenger seats are all in neat excellent condition with very little wear - they've even been re-padded!

Camping equipment:

Most all of the camping gear is here, except for the dining table. The original mosquito netting screen for the hatch (very rare!) is here as well as the front and side window curtain kit. The refrigerator is powered by propane, 110V electrical, or by vehicle power using the 12V battery. The two-burner stove and sink work great. All of the cabinets are here and have all of the shelving. Take a closer look!

Mechanical: Pictures are coming soon, I promise.

This Westy originally came with a 2.0 Liter aircooled boxer motor that was severely under-powered, fairly unreliable, and didn't get great fuel mileage. We pulled the aircooled 2.0 Liter motor and swapped in a Subaru 2.2 Liter boxer motor (aka EJ22). The benefits of the swap are nearly double the horsepower, increased fuel mileage, and incredible reliability and longevity. If you want reliable power, you want Subaru. This motor fits like a glove into the Vanagon engine bay and is a blast to drive. I just love being able to maintain 70mph up the Colorado mountain passes.

Engine coolant, motor oil, idler pulleys, water pump, and timing belt were replaced when the engine was swapped. 

To see the difference between a 1.9L Waterboxer motor (a little more power than the aircooled 2.0) and the Subaru 2.2L EJ22 motor, see the videos below.

Volkswagen Waterboxer 1.9L

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Subaru EJ22 2.2L

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As you can see, the Subaru 2.2L motor swap is the way to go. Great power, fantastic reliability, and good gas mileage - 25mpg is the norm in a Westy.

Here is a walkthrough video showing the condition of this van. Its a VERY large file so make sure you have a good internet connection.


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This Volkswagen Westfalia is a steal at only $9,000. This is a great bargain for someone looking for a less expensive SubaruVanagon that needs just a couple things in order to finish it off. Come take a look, you'll be excited to drive away with it!

We are also offering a few options:

Air Conditioning for $500 (or we can show you how to finalize)

Cruise Control for $300 - enjoy your new Subaru functionality!

Email Mick at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call at 970-403-5BOX to make an appointment. We're located in Durango, Colorado.